Jet Research

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Welcome to Jet Research, one of the USA’s leading independent aviation consultant firms. We are based centrally in the USA in Golden, CO. We were founded in 1995 and continue to service our clients today. Our firm was founded on the firm belief that our clients deserve fair and unbiased representation. We believe that by placing your interests first, you will receive the best representation and guidance from our staff of experienced professionals. We pride ourselves on our integrity and unbiased professionalism. Since we are a group instead of a single individual, this allows us to draw from the strengths from each person in our company freely which in the end benefits you, our customer. Commercial aviation is a complex ever changing and evolving industry. Our personnel work in the field of aviation daily and are not just ‘retired’ or having held a title elsewhere. We are a ground-up, purpose built organization with the expertise and skill to maneuver through the complexities of FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, and CAA requirements, in addition to the interpretation of the lease or sale agreements terms. The typical retired ‘airline’ guy has rarely if ever dealt with such things and is easily overwhelmed when faced with these issues. Incorrect decisions or relying on what someone ‘heard’ will end up costing you money. You need someone that has the knowledge and the facts to protect your investment and valuable asset.

Let us put our considerable experience to w lesbian videos ork for you. We specialize in transport category commercial aircraft transactions (lease acceptance, lease returns, maintenance inspections and pre-purchase inspections). We will help you evaluate aircraft to determine if it fits your needs and budget. If you’ve already settled on an aircraft we will monitor the maintenance input and ensure that the aircraft is correctly outfitted in accordance with the lease or purchase agreement and control costs on your behalf.

Our goal is to ensure our clients get aircraft that meet the contractual requirements of the lease or sale agreement. Even the smallest oversight or misrepresentation can potentially cost milf porn hundreds of thousands of dollars to you as the new lessee or owner. We perform records reviews to ensure that the aircraft has been maintained in accordance with the regulatory authorities oversight, all repairs are ‘legal’, all modifications have the appropriate approvals and documentation, and that the parts have the appropriate release forms and time remaining. We check the engine records for parts traceability and ensure the engines are performing as the lease or contract mandates.

Our services are available worldwide. We lesbian porn have clients in the US, Australia, Canada, Spain, Israel, Ireland and the UK. For further information, please email us at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You gay videos need JavaScript enabled to view it (This e-mail address is being protected milf videos from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

We look forward to meeting your needs!

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